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After the tragic events on Banoi, the U.S. military had no choice but to put California under a full quarantine. Once a vacationer’s dream of sandy beaches and gently swaying palm trees, the Golden State has turned into a carnival of blood, home to determined residents who are too stubborn to leave, virus-resistant renegades looking for thrills and, of course, hordes of zombies. Take a vacation to a world ruled by violence, where the living dead roam the streets and are only slightly more deadly than those who hunt them. Shoulder your weapon and gather your courage – it’s just another day in paradise. Steel yourself for a world of danger and combat in Dead Island 2, the action-packed sequel to the events of the fan-favorite Dead Island. Visit the California you once knew, now a quarantine zone brimming with undead masses and the courageous – and sometimes crazy – renegades who make zombie hunting their hobby. Take a trip through a sprawling open world that encompasses the sunny boardwalk of Venice Beach and the gateway to paradise, the Golden Gate bridge. Don the role of any of an elite group of heroic fighters as a wild berserker, intense hunter or other exciting class as you use your immunity to the virus to slake your thirst for violence and action. Throw yourself in the brawl with heated close combat and explosive melees that pit you against raging zombies and deadly human enemies alike. Craft your own weapons, including motorized grinders, electric machetes and other brutal tools of death and dismemberment. Team up with fellow hunters, compete against them or simply co-exist with a seamless co-op multiplayer mode delivered by Unreal Engine 4 that lets you and seven friends experience the fight together. Life can never be what it was before the events at Banoi – are you ready to forge a bloody new path?

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