2400 Call of Duty: WWII Points – PlayStation 4 [Digital]


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Use Call of Duty Points to open Rare Supply Drops in Call of Duty: WWII. Rare Supply Drops* from the Quartermaster unlock content, such as cosmetic weapon variants, Division uniforms, personalization items, and other bonuses for use in multiplayer game mode. The Quartermaster post in Headquarters will stock new content throughout the year, so check back often. If you’re looking for loot, sign up for a Contract at the Quartermaster for a Supply Drop. Supply Drops contain items you can use to customize your loadout, such as cosmetic weapon variants, Calling Cards, outfits, XP boosts, and more. Remember: Rare Supply Drops guarantee at least one Rare item, but there are some items in common Supply Drops that can’t be found anywhere else. Finally, Zombies Supply Drops contain consumable items to help you in the fight against the undead. Best of luck Soldier! Rare Zombie Supply Drops can be purchased from the Quartermaster post in Headquarters. Each Zombie Supply Drop contains two multiplayer items and three Nazi Zombies consumables to help you in your fight against the undead. *Not all game items available through Rare Supply Drops.

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