18awg Cl2-rated Two-conductor In-wall Speaker Cable 50 Feet Cmple


18awg Cl2-rated Two-conductor In-wall Speaker Cable 50 Feet


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Product description: 18awg cl2 rated two-conductor loud speaker cable – 50 feet (for in-wall installation)theres no need to compromise sound quality when looking for inexpensive speaker cables. Audiophiles may demand only the most costly components and speakers, and then search for the very best speaker wires that money can buy. But most people arent audiophiles, and dont spend the equivalent of a months paycheck (or more) for their home theater system or audio equipment. They get the best components and speakers they can afford, and then want to make sure that the audio is faithfully delivered from source to speakers.Thats exactly what the cmple 18awg two-conductor loud speaker cable is meant to do: provide high-fidelity sound, over a wide range of audio frequencies, for the average home system. 18-gauge speaker wire may not be what the doctor ordered for ultra-high end audio systems with speakers located hundreds of feet from the source; that combination could cause enough signal loss to somewhat degrade the sound reproduction. However, for the type of system that most of us can afford, and speakers that are 50 feet or less from the television or audio receiver, even trained ears couldnt tell the difference between signals transmitted over thick wires and those sent over thinner ones. And the price difference makes it an easy choice to pick 18-gauge cable.Our two-conductor, color-coded 18awg speaker cable is carefully constructed from stranded copper-clad aluminum with multi-twist, rope lay braiding. Theres a strong pvc (polyvinyl chloride) outer jacket to protect the wires from the twisting, bending and pulling which often occurs when running cable. Its heat-resistant and cl2 rated for fire safety, so it can be run inside of your walls or ceilings and pass almost all cities building code requirements. And its a simple white color, so if you decide on an out-of-wall installation you can run it along your baseboards and no one will even notice it. Even the reinforced spools the cable comes on are typical cmple high-quality; weve made sure that the cable pulls easily from the spool without catching, so you wont see any of the usual knots and kinks which normally develop as you run cabling.The key, of course, is whether you get great sound reproduction from audio sources – after all, theres no sense in saving a little money if youre losing a lot of quality. Weve designed this cable to make sure that doesnt happen. The wires may be a little thinner, but over the length of this cable theres no noticeable signal loss or audio degradation whatsoever. You get true high fidelity at true savings.This cable is available in several length and gauge as well.50 feet, 100 feet, 250 feet, 500 feet12 awg, 14 awg, 16 awg, 18 awgtaking a look at the important specifications of the cmple 18awg cl2 rated two-conductor loud speaker cable:conduit: copper-clad aluminum (cca)gauge: 18awglength: 50 feet (15.25 meters)strand size: 0.254mmstrand count: 27 wiresconductor count: 2outer diameter: 6.0mmtwist type: multi-twist, rope layouter jacket color: whiteif youre an audiophile who demands only the finest sound reproduction from a home system which cost $20,000 and has speakers located throughout your home – wed suggest you check out one of our terrific cmple 12-gauge cable products. If youre a “regular” listener with a “normal” home theater or audio system, though, this 18awg cl2 rated cable will give you the best sound possible at a truly impressive price.


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