12awg Cl2-rated Four-conductor In-wall Speaker Cable 250 Feet Cmple


12awg Cl2-rated Four-conductor In-wall Speaker Cable 250 Feet


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Product description: 12awg cl2 rated four-conductor loud speaker cable – 250 feet (for in-wall installation)did you ever wonder why speaker cable is sold with a choice of two or four conductors inside? (conductors are the name for the individual, color-coded wires inside the outer jacket). After all, there are only two connectors on each speaker, and only two terminals for each speaker on your audio receiver or television. Why would you need the extra wires in four-conductor audio cable?there are a few functional reasons for four-conductor cable – and one important practical reason. First, the functional ones. If youre planning to install a remote volume control in another room, the control will need two wires for each speaker before you can run two-conductor cable to the speakers. More commonly, people will use one long run of four-conductor cable in a room, “stopping” at the first speaker where two wires are connected, and then “continuing” on to the second speaker where the other two wires will be used.Now, for the practical reason you may want to use cmples four-conductor cable when youre just running it to speakers with two connectors: what happens if one of the wires in a two-conductor cable accidentally breaks? youre faced with having to run an entire new cable to the speaker, which is a pain in any event – but a real hassle if the cable is run inside your wall or ceiling. With a four-conductor cable, youve got two “extra” wires already run between your audio source and the speaker. Just use one of the spare wires to replace the broken one and your audio is back up and running in seconds.After reading this far, youre probably ready to buy four-connector loud speaker cable. Heres why you should choose our cmple 12awg cabling. Its high-quality, delivering crisp, perfect sound at any volume with no signal loss or degradation. Its heat-resistant and cl-2 rated, meaning it will meet most local building code requirements to be run in walls or ceilings. Its stress-resistant, designed to be bent or twisted to fit wherever it needs to go, with a strong pvc outer jacket. And if you want to run it along a wall or baseboard, the jacket is white so it will blend in perfectly.Even the spool that this 250-foot cable comes on is impressive. Its constructed so that the cabling comes out easily with no damage or kinks. And if youre only using some of the 250 feet, the rest of the cable will stay secure on the spool without getting all knotted up, ready to be used for another long run or to make smaller cables.This cable is available in several length and gauge as well.100 feet, 250 feet12 awg, 14 awg, 16 awgchecking the specifications of the cmple 12awg cl2 rated four-conductor loud speaker cable:conduit: copper-clad aluminum (cca)gauge: 12awglength: 250 feet (76.2 meters)strand size: 0.254mmstrand count: 68 wiresconductor count: 4outer diameter: 9.0mmtwist type: multi-twist, rope layouter jacket color: whitesuitable for connecting any speakers to any audio source with any type of connectors, the cmple 12-gauge four-connector loud speaker cable is both extremely high-quality and extremely affordable. And now you know that its an extremely smart buy, since it will give you “emergency wires” to reconnect your speakers if one of the wires happens to break.


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