1 Port Keystone Jack Surface Mount Box -white Cmple


1 Port Keystone Jack Surface Mount Box -white


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Product description: 1 port keystone jack surface mount box – whitethese keystone jack surface mount boxes are ideal for spaces where a face plate just wont fit. It also is great for places where punching a hole in the wall not possible. The compact design of these quality mount boxes make it not only easy to install but also space saving. Additionally, the universal shape allows most compatible keystone inserts.Each individually packaged mount box comes with it’s own screws for mounting, two-sided padded adhesive tape for hard or delicate surfaces, and a cable tie to help position the cable. It even has a space for personalized labeling of your ports. This mount box makes it convenient for anyone who wishes to organize their keystones in an efficient and professional manner.Features:number of ports: 1easy open and close snap coverwhite coloreasy to use and installkeystone jacks not includedincludes screws, padded dual sided tape and cable tieul listed certified


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Brand: Cmple


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