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Stellar Toolkit For Outlook [Lifetime]


Stellar Toolkit for Outlook provides advanced software tools to help Outlook Administrators repair corrupted PST files & convert inaccessible OST to PST for recovering the mailbox data in vast scenarios. Also splits & compacts large PST, merges Outlook mailboxes, de-duplicates the emails, and resets Outlook password.
Key Benefits
• Repairs large-sized corrupted PST and recovers all mail items
• Converts inaccessible OST into PST & extracts the mailbox data
• NEW! Spits the large PST in smaller files
• Compacts the PST & extracts attachments preserving the interlinks
• Helps merge PST files, removes junk, recovers Outlook password, & more

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Stellar Toolkit for Outlook includes multiple tools like Stellar Repair for Outlook, Stellar Converter for OST, Stellar Splitter for Outlook, Stellar Compactor for Outlook, and Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook. It also comprises Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook, Stellar Undelete Email for Outlook, and Stellar Password Recovery for Outlook.
Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician Edition in the toolkit is a powerful tool to repair corrupt PST files and recover mailbox data, including the deleted mail items, with 100% precision. Stellar Converter for OST Technician Edition is advanced software to convert inaccessible OST file into PST file and extract the complete mail items with original integrity.
Stellar Splitter for Outlook is ideal for splitting a PST file, based on Date, Size, Email ID, and Custom Selection parameters while preserving the original mailbox data structure. Stellar Compactor for Outlook in the toolkit compresses the PST file, and it can extract the email attachments while maintaining their interlinking with the emails. Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook can merge multiple PST files into a single PST while preserving the original structure of the mailbox data.
Key features
Recovers Data from Corrupt PST
Stellar Repair for Outlook Technician software in the Toolkit can parse severely corrupted PST file of any size and reconstruct mailbox data with 100% precision. It repairs password-protected PST file & recovers mailbox data in PST, MSG, EML, RTF, HTML or PDF file formats. It can also directly export the PST data to Office 365.
Extracts Data from Inaccessible OST
Stellar Converter for OST Technician software converts inaccessible OST into PST and extracts mailbox data in an accessible & portable format. It can convert the OST file of any size & directly export the data to Office 365 or Live Exchange. Also extracts mailbox data in MSG, EML, RTF, HTML or PDF file.
Splits Large PST to Improve Manageability
Stellar Splitter for Outlook in the Toolkit splits a large PST into smaller files in size range of 1–50 GB, thus reducing its chances of corruption & improving manageability. It can split PST file by Size, Date, Email ID, and Folders while maintaining the original structure and organization of emails.
Compacts PST for Optimal Performance
Stellar Compactor for Outlook in the Toolkit compresses the PST file to minimize the chances of corruption and increase the performance. It extracts the attachments in a new folder while preserving the interlinking of the PST file & attachments. Also cleans up Deleted Items & Junk Mail folders.
Merges Mailboxes with Zero Data Loss
Stellar Merge Mailbox for Outlook tool in the software suite collates mailbox data from multiple PST files and merges it in a single PST file with 100% data integrity. The software merges items across all mailboxes and eliminates duplicate and junk data. It also merges password-protected PST files.
Deduplicates Emails to Reduce Mailbox Size
Stellar Deduplicator for Outlook is an efficient tool for removing duplicate emails and thus reducing Outlook mailbox size. It provides multiple options to initiate action on duplicate emails, which include – ‘Delete’, ‘Mark as Expired’, ‘Copy to Folder’, ‘Move to Folder’, ‘Mark with the Flag’, & ‘Delete Permanently’.
Recovers Lost or Deleted Emails
Stellar Undelete Email for Outlook tool in the software suite can recover lost or deleted emails, attachments, contacts, notes, journals, tasks, etc. It also recovers deleted items from encrypted & password-protected PST files & further splits large PST to improvement manageability & performance.
Recovers Lost Password of Outlook
Stellar Password Recovery for Outlook tool in the software bundle accurately recovers lost or forgotten passwords for all Microsoft Outlook versions. It provides six different password sets as a master key allowing the users to regain access to their Outlook profile