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Handy Backup Standard


Handy Backup Standard is a quick and reliable backup solution. The user-friendly interface and a rich set of backup features make it one of the best PC backup solutions for home and small office use.

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Handy Backup Standard is a basic edition for one workstation, oriented towards backup of files/folders and Outlook.
What it backs up: user files and folders, NAS data, and popular apps (Outlook, Quickbooks, and others).
Where it stores it: local and external hard drives, NAS, FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive.
The list of key features for Handy Backup Standard:
Automatically performing scheduled tasks on a regular basis,
Making full, incremental and differential backup,
Strong encryption and ZIP compression of data kept or sent,
Running tasks as Windows Service for minimizing user distractions,
Starting other applications before or after any particular backup task,
Email notifications and activity logging,
Backup with timestamps;